Arthur Rosenberg on Yahoo Business Channel Discusses Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air Crashes of Boeing 737 Max 8

Retaining The Firm

The Firm works on a contingency fee agreement in complex litigation matters. The fee is a set percentage of the sum recovered. In the event that there is no recovery, we receive no fee.

The fee percentage is determined on a case by case basis and takes into consideration a number of factors such as the degree of risk involved in a case, the potential recovery and number of clients. The contingency fee agreement serves an important social tool by enabling the victims of accidents to retain sophisticated legal counsel without having to advance and pay an attorney on an hourly basis.

A significant percentage of our cases are referred to us from other attorneys who seek our legal and technical expertise. The Firm encourages and welcomes the involvement of forwarding attorneys who share in the contingent fees in proportion to the work they perform and their responsibilities in the litigation.

The Firm advances funds for the investigation and litigation expenses in the cases we prosecute. At the conclusion of the case, expenses that we advanced are paid back to us out of the recovery before the attorney’s fee is calculated. Expenses typically include court filing fees, court reporter fees, and expert fees.

We are dedicated to our clients and it is our goal to provide each and every person that we represent with the best possible legal representation we are capable of in a compassionate, understanding and professional manner. Throughout our representation, we provide our clients which detailed progress reports. We are available on a 24-hour basis. The Firm provides our clients with a toll fee number. All of our clients are intimately involved with us in all decisions which affect their case. We promptly refer all settlement proposals to our clients for their consideration and provide them with our recommendation and professional guidance on how we believe they should proceed. At all times, the interest and well being of our clients are paramount.

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